Operation Tools

Analyze the data of profits, costs, products, orders, refunds, and more, run your amazon business better.

Operation tools will help you to finely operate your Amazon business, we provide full data of sales, you can view this data by single or multiple seller accounts, operation shows the summary of sales, where you can find the data of orders, revenue, profit, cost and more. and you can find more from products, orders, refunds. Gather and analyze the data for your sale process, including the data of orders, revenue, profit, cost and more. Find more from your business and run your business better.

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Operation Dashboard

·Multi-account management: All connected amazon accounts' data is visible, and the tool gathers the data by default currency.No matter which amazon marketplance account you want to check, achieve it easily.

·Display real-time data: Shows sales, orders, units sold, revenue, cost, profit by seller accounts, and you can also custom the date range to master the trends of sales.


·Check the product performance easily: Analyze the sales data, inventory data, and other related data of each product,output the important metrics. The seller can check the product performance easily.

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Better manage your orders: Analyse and show the all metrics of each order, you can check the price,order date, items, buyer information, shipping status, get more from it.


Know more from refunds: The details of your refunds will be displayed, from refund reason to refund processing progress, from days gap between purchase and refund to buyer comments, you can easily analyze and understand the refunds. Know more and do better.

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Hijack Monitoring

Protect your amazon listings: Hijack monitoring tool is able to continuously monitor an unlimited amount of ASINs and listings. Once your products are hijacked, the tool will help you to track and respond to the threat.

Product Management

Manage product status more efficiently: The tool helps you to launch or discontinue the products more efficiently.

Calculate profit data more accurately: You can easily manage your product cost and shipping cost so that you will get accurate profit data.

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